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"Bright colorful Rochester is seen here as a whirl of nightlife and day-life and dawn- and dusk-life, of city citizens parading down city streets alone and in groups from office buildings to theaters to to jazz festival to tavern."

-From Mark Rice's foreword to SMUG DREAM

Photographs taken from 2013-2019 in Rochester, NY. 

SMUG DREAM visualizes a city post-Kodak, Rochester's main economic stronghold, after its bankruptcy in 2012. People, events and places are portrayed to realize a quote by Rochester author and journalist, Henry Clune, "there is a feeling that if the great plant of the Eastman Kodak Company were removed from the city's environs a sign might be erected at the station platform ' THIS WAS ROCHESTER'." The title references a book written by Curt Gerling, another Rochester author/journalist, entitled 'SMUGTOWN, U.S.A." which was formerly Rochester's tongue-in-cheek nickname. His book satirized Rochester's 200 millionaires and the perks of being a "Kodak man". SMUG DREAM picks up long after Kodak's reign, using Rochester's former Inner Loop boundary to show a different, grittier city.


Printed at Book1One in Rochester, NY

Foreword by Mark Rice


98 pages

W-9 x H-6


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